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A place to be discovered!


Saranda is characterized by the Mediterranean climate and it is sunny during 300 days of the year. It has a typical climate similar to Greece and Italy. During the winter temperature ranges from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. This the best time that you can visit the city since prices decrease and beaches are less crowded.  In the summer the temperature goes from 23 to 31 degrees.

The Mediterranean climate makes it great to visit in April-May and September-October for people who do not like the heat that much. However, these months are quiet, and not a lot is going on in the city. The summer months, June-July and August are the most noisy; lots of students and tourists visit the city and nightlife is booming mainly in July and in the first 2 weeks of August.


In antiquty , Saranda is included in region of Kaonise, one of the 14 populations that constitute the state of Epirus. ‘Onhezmites’ is its early name, and means a marine light wind.In the IX-X centry it began to be known as the 40- saints , who come from the monastery with the same name that is on the city. Piers and builidings are many houses were built in the year 30, in the time of King Zog. During the World War II, was named Porto Eda , in honor of the daughter of Mussolini. The city’s infrastructure was developed during the communist era, which took shape and his crown. Today Saranda is one of the most attractive tourist cities in the country.

Ancient cities and remains to visit are “Butrinti”, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Phoenice remains (close to the village of Finiq), and the antique remains of Xare (close to the village of Xara). Saranda has become an important tourist attraction in Albania. Tourism, fisheries and construction are the main economic source of this area.

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Is located at the most southern point of country, between ancient archaeologicial sites that are surrounded by the Ionian sea with magnificent beaches, with ideal Mediterranean climate in which are counted nearly 300 days of sunshine. Saranda is considered as the most beautiful coastal destination in the country. Architecture and rich cultural heritage, cities and old castles, natural monuments, excellent food and the sun that shines in every season. Take a trip around this bewitching city, from ruins of the ancient city of Butrint to the Ksamil Emerald beaches.

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